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About Us

GORKHA NEPAL PLACEMENT SERVICES PVT. LTD., is one of the top employment agencies in the NEPAL, duly accredited by Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Office of the Company Registrar with Company Registration No: 77100/067/068 and Ministry of Labour & Transport Management, Department of Foreign Employment with License No: 925/067/068. We are currently engaged and committed in supplying competent and qualified skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower in Asia and in the Gulf Region.

As we say it, DEMAND IT, and WE WILL SUPPLY IT! We could absolutely provide workers based on the clients’ qualifications and standards. Along with, our clients will also be assured of services and processing at par with world-class standards. Our company is managed by professionals who are highly-experienced in Human Resource Management & Development, lnternational Recruitment, and Labour Relations, so we know exactly how to address the needs, wants, demands, and problems of our overseas clients.

And most definitely, all the company's great amenities and services are carried on and propelled by young, enthusiastic, and highly competitive workforce who are always available to attend efficiently to all your requests and needs. GORKHA NEPAL PLACEMENT SERVICES PVT. LTD. will completely guarantee to totally eradicate all the mediocrities and woes you have dealt with before on this kind of business. We are undoubtedly one of the best manpower connections in the Nepal!

Candidates undergo rigid and strict screening. We make sure they have the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes that would fit the employers’ criteria. We also guarantee the candidates would be prepared earlier, so that they would be deployed on time or as scheduled.

We reply to all the fax/e-mail inquiries within 30 minutes. Our staff can be reached thru different medium of communication---thru fax, thru landline phones, thru email, thru skype, thru SMS (Short Message Service), thru mobile phones.

We firmly believe in the philosophy that all our customers are our most valuable assets. Attending to the needs and requests of our customers is our utmost concern.

Our company strongly believes in long-term business relations.
A relationship that is mutual wherein all parties would WIN!

Computerization, proper and complete documentation, effective system, and smart workforce are integrated into one to produce the best service that at par with Nepal's best!

The company belives that in order to have a consistent and unprecedented growth, it needs:
  1. continuous improvement of its system, policies, and structure;
  2. passion for excellence;
  3. honesty, transparency, and putting heart to work.