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Gorkha Nepal Services is committed to provide quality services to workers and its line agencies in long term basis. Mission of the company is to be one of the best manpower in Nepal. It provides a mutually supportive environment to all business partners. we are committed to establish its worldwide network.
It is a matter of privilege for us to abide by the rules and regulations of our company. Our motto is too loyal, sincere and honest in our working. If you are interested to make productive result in this matter, you are mostly welcome to us. We shall always be looking forward to have an opportunity to serve you.
We have team of well-experienced staff to select the best and perfect candidate with the well-equipped company to have their practical test/interview of skilled personnel to test the ability of the candidate.

In course of time our experience and expertise in this field of trade and economies can be fruitful utilized throughout the world.

The services of our sincere, honest and disciplined candidates will help to boost the business to the host companies as well, in terms o proven moral and productivity.

Gorkha Nepal Placement Services Pvt. LTD. has confident that the Nepalese National will fit in and contribute to our client company with best.

The staff of our overseas serving under him are most experienced an qualified who are well aware of local labour laws, international practices, medics formalities and labour statistics.

They are competent enough to select the right person for the right position exactly as per the demand of the host companies.

Our consultancy has unprecedented business capabilities like friendly relationship, amiable manner with all the client companies with long term scheme will definitely bring tremendous changes in this company in the years to come.